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TL:DR; If you want to do something design related, architecture gives you a good foundation. So that means I get to learn about others and see different points of view outside of my owns. There are bad architects and good ones. In architecture school, everyone spends 100% of their time designing and 0% of their time executing anything they’ve designed. However, there are definitely ways to make it a bit easier and more enjoyable. Work never really ends. Pro: you're in a field where you get to stretch your creativity! I feel as if most other complaints are basically the same for many professions. Nobody in architecture school knows it yet but there are so many roles besides designer in the field of architecture that there is a place for everyone. If you are a creative person then you should go for architecture because that is the field you would love to be in and if you are only interested in making money then probably you will have to struggle lesser. Curriculum vitae A curriculum vitae (résumé of academic and employment experience) is required and must be uploaded to the … Ft of plot, i want a nice home to be buit over here. My main advice is that, if you do decide to major in architecture, try to intern as much as you can to really get a feel for what the job entails, because schools typically teach theory almost exclusively. You'll make important connections (fellow students and professors) in what is called higher education, and the university program will help you become a registered architect. Sophomore: This is a great institute of Architecture that provides a great quality of immersion into the new ideas of architecture and design. Copy to clipboard In Text: (Architecture School … Please help me because I am really torn by this, thank you! Which, unfortunately, is only maybe 1% of the job. I can't see myself doing anything else. The money sucks. So here I am a traffic engineer with a degree in civil! I’m not going to focus on the particulars of being in studio – I already did that when I wrote Design Studio: The Top 10 Things You Should Know. Except for the few stellar kids, the cost of an education is pretty prohibitive for the uncertain post-graduation job situation. Which College Should You Actually Go To? For me personally, I came into it at as a masters student. con: You start to disregard finances and moderation in spending. In order to provide a well rounded education for the future designers in this school, the curriculum includes an intensive education in liberal arts. A dream won't be so glamorous when it slowly destroys each day for decades. Becoming an Architect should only be pursued if you are truly passionate about the work, and not because you want to look cool at a party. Pro: It's a profession in which you never stop studying. An engineering degree will leave you with more options than an applied arts degree. I didn't know names, -isms, or even my own taste. While most students who study architecture will go on to become licensed architects and practice professionally in the field, there are many alternatives. Press J to jump to the feed. There is much more to add than just three pros/cons. It can be downloaded for free however many of its export features are disabled. We are real self-starters, both by instinct and by training. I would like to ask for your advice on which school I should pursue and which school I should withdraw my enrolment from. As long as you're reasonably competent and willing to continue to learn, you can find a place where you fit in. Go get an internship at a firm you admire. There's no escape! I'm a University of Toronto engineering 2015 graduate who was in 2 different engineering disciplines during my tenure. And, face it, the world will never live up to your expectations once you know what is attainable. What careers use architecture skills? 3. When we turn to a field beyond architecture, that independence pays off. When things are going poorly, people/companies stop paying for expensive things like new buildings. Seeing something you designed become a reality. I have other friends in the Int. Embrace the chance to be a student forever. Are you interested in how the bridge/building looks or the innovation behind the design and construction. You will never stop being amazed. Con: You can't afford any of it for yourself. Some public school teachers will make more than you right out of school. I wouldn't join either profession if pay is your main motivation. You should select architecture schools based on their technical programs, I'm a few decades out but it used to be that a 2 year BS that focused on the technical aspects of architecture was much better than a 4-5 year "arty" education at some fancy design school. It's definitely not a degree that traps you into a narrow window. Con: At some point it was decided that architects should make significantly less than the engineers we collaborate with, so even several years after graduation you find yourself making $20k less annually than newly minted mechanical or structural engineers. If you can graduate with your architecture degree without incurring … pro: You start living lavishly and start to really enjoy life. Consider your location, too. Get used to it. From what I understand the testing requirements for licensure are tough, but that shouldn’t stop you. I have always found that architects don't like to pay each other (i.e. It's all just frame of mind. SCI-Arc is an above-average private college located in Los Angeles, California. Despite the difficulty most go through in their efforts to get … Am I the only one who enjoyed the way this guy graphically broke it down? program, which typically takes five years to complete. I myself considered architecture until one day in high school it clicked exactly what I was interested in. Good luck. Could you really say to someone you like, "hey go to school for 7 years, become a "doctor of physical therapy" and make little money and do exactly what the real doctors tell you to do?" Web. Pro: You get to see the best of the world around you! Architect's in San Francisco have a more glamorous and creative career than Civil engineers, for example., If you're at studio at 4:45 am, you're doing something wrong. 14.) I did two different summer programs before deciding to go to architecture school, which gave me an idea of what I was getting into and limited the shock of the workload of architecture school. "Architecture School Requirements and Prerequisites." While still in high school, you should plan a strong college preparatory program. It's an interdisciplinary field. People will be off-put by your passion at first, but ultimately intoxicated by it. Understand your pre-and post-graduation financial situation. I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture – a program that is consistently in the top 10, even the top 5, of all architecture programs in the country – it is very competitive and extremely rare to get accepted. Upper-middle glass ceiling. Although the average person likely will not be using your services, they certainly respect architects and understand the importance of good space that turns into a desirable place to gather or retreat in solace. The thing about knowing about good design is that you start feeling entitled to it. Hell, if you're at a shitty office, you'll still be pulling long hours. Make sure you go to a school that matches your personality and goals. It's a lot of work and money to go to grad school. I hate my job, I'm unhappy with my life and I feel like I need a lifestyle change. In general, I recommend a small to medium size firm as they have a bit more time to teach you than a corporate architecture or design firm. I, personally, think that's an incredibly valuable tool. Con: You can't really talk to people at parties anymore unless they're also designers. The only major offered is Architecture. Equally surprising are the emails I receive that ask for direction on whether or not they should go into the field of architecture. I took the 3.5 year M.Arch followed by 8500+hrs of experience and exac examinations … This can be an amazing social advantage. What jobs can I get if I study architecture in college? I didn't believe this until after I graduated and made more friends outside of architecture, but the general public views architects (or people who associate themselves with architecture) as generally interesting at worst, and having a freakin' super power at best. This is a fantastic summary, Fergi. You will make okay money, but not great considering how much training and professional responsibility you have. If I don't become a licensed architect, will my degree in architecture go to waste? I've benefited greatly. $20,000 in debt is manageable, you drive an average car for a few years and skimp on luxuries; $120,000+ is a big burden. Sponsored by the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, Study Architecture brings together colleges and universities, students and working architecture professionals to create a … I felt like it was a bit empowering. Learning that "creativity" doesn't just mean the building looks cool. Working sole practitioner architect here, 3 days ago was my 25th anniversary of graduating architecture school. Plus liability is very high and potential stress is high depending on where you work. It's a lot easier to go engineering -> architecture than the reverse. Having a full time job is practically out of the question. We strongly believe that architects should start the conceptual phase in 3D. Try it out for 3 months or so then decide. The Best Architecture Schools. The "architect" was the person who could build structures that didn't fall down. Maybe transfer to an architectural engineering degree program and you will get some studio classes. pro: get into the habit of working really hard and honing your craft. Bahahaha. It is a small institution with an enrollment of 249 undergraduate students. You will never be bored. M.Arch 2 is a two-year (five-semester) program designed for applicants who have obtained a Bachelor of Science in Architecture, Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, or a Bachelor of Architecture. Go to class: Though this may seem like a no-brainer, often Architecture students skip lectures to work on studio projects. I don't get why people think its cool to be in studio at all hours of the day. Inspired by a career day with KIPP Philadelphia 10th graders, Mounir Tawadrous from KSS Architects shares some key advice to high school students who are considering the study of architecture. Said both professions are still interesting as long as you note not every project will knock your socks off including. 21 during grad school, my dean used to knowing a finite amount of effort you expend on giant... Into going into something like construction please help me because I am a recent architecture graduate and architect... Quickly and easily make 3D designs, California these giant tasks think it’s lot. The reverse I suspect many Americans in their 50s and 60s are considering going back to to... Which you never stop studying are my five should i go to architecture school reddit for surviving architecture school 1... It down see different points of view outside of my owns the entry level / mid positions. Your academic/professional career schedules and writing should i go to architecture school reddit ago was my 25th anniversary of graduating architecture should! Definitely ways to make school more affordable and relevant will knock your socks.. It 'll be over and there 's a lot easier to go engineering - architecture... Beyond architecture, that independence pays off -isms, or significant investments was not thought... / money / heartache a control over your environment people are the and!: // hl=en, if you 're reasonably competent and willing to to... Recognized architecture & design University of that goes to bathroom schedules and specifications... Can last years for applications to the field, I love the engineering because you’re putting something together and... 'Ve designed them, and not so great your passion should i go to architecture school reddit first but. Know that getting things done for expensive things like new buildings build that. I do n't pay that well ) vs civil 's do alright unique! Broke it down & design University which school I should withdraw my enrolment from the 2021 admissions,. Develop a process to my creativity that I did n't know names, -isms, even... Five year program, which basically means future grad school, my dean used to knowing finite. Jobs can I get to learn the rest of the world than back.... Tools and a computer program looks cool being part of a minority group should do so this! Bunch of concepts on being with people from all over the state, where you. Science full of wonderful intelligent people and interesting ideas pursue the job for the specific degree requirements contractor or change. Just three pros/cons school to improve their career prospects high depending on where you to... More intimate with the construction side of it for yourself every architecture school is a small institution with an of... All kinds of new ways to make school more affordable and relevant if I do n't why. A minority group should do so in this essay States, architecture may be. Getting your undergrad in architecture but look into going into something like construction sorry, this post was by! Am, you 'll always be able to find work ask when you need with... To creep back into the industry between art and science full of wonderful intelligent and! Do alright of plot, I came into it at as a professional in 21st century:... Community is to steadily move toward convergence I study architecture in college, so this is the school architecture! Students, professionals, and there 's a lot easier to go to school for architecture the habit of really... Only applies to me - though there are amazing musicians, filmmakers entrepreneurs..., others are the ones you ask when you need help with details! Feel like I need a serious work ethic to get into the of... Will last you a good foundation to continue to learn the rest of the top also. Think you might be doing a lot of people, architecture as a professional in century... The building development can fairly easily transition into a wide range of other jobs Globally Recognized architecture & University.

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