grape harvest italy

The annual grape harvest in Tuscany usually occurs between September and October and since ancient times has been one of the most exciting events of country life. You don’t have to be a drinker to feel the enthusiasm of the vendemmia. Flocks of wine aficionados go to Italy for the sole purpose of taking part of this miracle, vising wineries, walking through vineyards, taking part in the harvest and of course, paring the wines they discover with the amazing food of Italy. But make sure you apply in advance as many Italians living in cities take time off to help with grape picking, so competition is pretty high. In Tuscany, the grape harvest happens in September, and is therefore big on the agenda for a region to which wine is very important. The grape harvest in Puglia is still a family affair. A “vendemmia” (Italian for grape harvest) is one of the most fascinating experiences you can enjoy in Tuscany during the harvest season. In Franciacorta, source of Italy’s top sparkling wines, the Arcari + Danesi winery lost 30% of its harvest because of extreme weather. A worker places petit verdot grapes in van during the grape harvest in the vineyard of Casale del Giglio, in Latina, near Rome, Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2020. Italy. Grape harvest in Puglia. It is the time of the year when winemakers are hard at work in the vineyards, selecting the best grapes, an ideal time to plan a visit and perhaps help with the grape harvest. Expect big differences from region to region.47 Overall quality is good, but quantity will be way down in some regions. They started work at four in the morning and now their backs ache, feet burn and fingers are red and sore from grape … On Sept. 8, the 2020 red grapes harvest started at Château La Louvière in Bordeaux. You’ll find many of Italy’s most popular foods during harvest time in Tuscany: truffles, porcini, chestnuts, pumpkins, olives, and, of course, grapes for new wine. During the harvest season, restaurants will offer specialties that highlight the newly harvested foods. In September, the fragrance of must and grapes welcomes wine enthusiasts to vineyards all over Italy. Fall is grape harvest time in Italy. Photographer: Château La Louvière. In September and October (depending if you are in the North or South of Italy), the hanging bunches of grapes swell and beg to be picked. If you are lucky enough to be in Tuscany during this time of year, check out some of the many Harvest Wine Festivals in Tuscany. There are 20 Italian wine regions, basically every region in the country has vineyards and produce wine. Autumn is a great period to explore Abruzzo, Italy and grape harvest (vendemmia, in Italian) is one of the main reasons! It is a wonderful way to learn a lot about the local wine & food traditions but also about the local culture. Now I don’t have to tell you that Italy has a ton of vineyards and everyone one of them has a grape harvest or vendemmia every fall. Along with the work, the harvest is a time for celebration, so lots of food, wine tastings, and music are guaranteed as well. Both housewives and lawyers lend a hand during the vendemmia ..

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