how to fish a bass jig with trailer

If you’re fishing deeper water, you might be able to find schools of fish by dragging your lure across the bottom. With a slender, boot-tail swimbait as a trailer, the jig will fall fast and swim faster through the water on the retrieve. Pinch the line between the reel and the first guide with your opposite hand. Required fields are marked *. Now for the fun stuff. Use the rod tip to control the speed of the bait to gently hit the water. I guess what I’m trying to say is, learning how to fish with a jig for bass is something that every angler needs to know. This casting technique is super precise, and while you might not be able to cast extremely long distances, it works well if you’re fishing areas that you know have bass, but you have a hard time reaching them. Ben Cayer punching through dense cover with our Bass Baitcasting Combo. He helps to create content for Tailored Tackle including photos, video, and fishing related articles. So, in this section, we’re talking specifically about the jig head itself. Unless the jig used is a swim jig with a horizontal cast-and-wind presentation, most jigs are presented by dropping and lifting. This is where jigs come in. The three dances mentioned above – casting, finesse, and football – have been considered the most basic jig types. When presenting your jig underneath branches and docks, punch your jig through cover by ripping up 2-3 ft and letting the jig fall back down. A green pumpkin or watermelon seed jig tipped with a plastic trailer in the same color also works for swimming a jig when bass are feeding on bluegill. Think of the trailer as the backbone to the jig. Kevin Van Dam says he would pick a jig and crankbait if he could only have two baits. You have a million options to choose from with jig heads, skirts, and trailers. Knowing how to fish a jig for bass is one of those introductory and straightforward fishing styles that everyone should know. I can never say this enough, and I feel like I talk about it in every article I write, but you need to choose the right color based on the time of day you’re fishing, the time of year, and the current circumstance outside. You’ve learned a lot so far, but now let’s talk about where and when you should use jigs. If you go out there on a cold and rainy day with a bright yellow or green lure, you’ll intimidate them too much, and they won’t bite. When you do see a bass hit your jig on the fall, your line will suddenly jolt on top of the water. Greg emphasizes that bass will bite a heavy jig just as well as a light jig when it's on the bottom, but you as an angler will tend to fish a heavy jig faster based on bottom contact. Position the rod to 10 o’clock and swim your jig back with intermittent pules to give an erratic action that triggers strikes. Take this as your cue to instantly engage your reel, reel up the slack, and swing for the fences. 5. One last thing I want to mention is that not all jig lures for bass are created equal. Match the hatch. The weed guard on these is usually very tense and doesn’t have a lot of play. There is no such thing as too much thought put into the color of your lure. When you fish something that isn’t weedless in the weeds, it messes up the presentation, which limits the amount of attention you’ll get from the bass. Now let’s talk about what techniques you can use on the retrieval. Flip your jig to accurately hit an exact target when Bass are holding on a tough to reach spot. Soft plastic trailers will also have the most life when presented with a straight vertical Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 7. The reason I choose spinning reels is because of their weight. Once you’ve done that release both at the same time and apply pressure when the bait hits the water to limit the slack and prevent backlash. For the most part it is a visual bite. black-and-blue Strike King Hack Attack Jig paired with a Junebug Strike King Rage Tail Craw trailer. Punching calls in Bass; pausing lets them strike. 1. It is the simplest but most effective lures to use.

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